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The method and construction characteristics of the wall cutting down


Wall cutting demolition problem often met in building construction, professional construction team for a cut, all does not affect the wall bearing, and not to the wall is damaged.

The method and construction characteristics of the wall cutting down

A, static removal technology process: orientation, the pay-off - hole drilling technology (lifting hole) - pre - cut - coagulation block lifting, away Block is necessary after lifting hole on each all open temporary lifting fixed in advance, but avoid cut piece of Russia's collapse, the cut area to do it, it is necessary to set up a safety protective equipment and safety warning symbol, avoid people or objects fall off. All removal of the area from top to bottom, from left to right.

秒速开户 1, positioning pay-off: choose measurement instrument, to be partitioned incision site positioning, elastic line with ink fountain to conclude that block cut bearing, ensure the accuracy of the cut block bearing.

秒速开户 Drill holes (lifting holes).

3, hanging

Cut open: use a water drill with a diameter of 63mm. 5, concrete block lifting, away: linear cut the original wall and remove some separation, the hole does not meet the request for repair or removal, the removal of some of the waste pickup in time. Because concrete wall body weight is bigger, for ease of pickup, so cut down the scale of the concrete block cannot too big, concluded that a single piece of concrete wall body scale is 750 mm * 550 mm * 550 mm, weight is 361 kg.

2, hydraulic clamp removal:

Professional building material removal project, using hydraulic crushing forceps, security by using capital at a low price, can effectively decline the construction noise, effect, falling dust pollution at the same time, the product performance in the domestic leading level. It is widely used for the protective removal of concrete beams, concrete walls, concrete columns, Bridges and stair removal

秒速开户 Features: 1, the inward force crack law; 2, the thickness can be broken up to 650 mm of reinforced concrete structure, without cooling water; (3, with static broken, no vibration, ensuring the security of the structure; no dust, no noise, broken small pickup, professional service, worthy of trust.

秒速开户 Remove from the room: professional remove all kinds of the wall, hit floor tile. Smash wall brick, shovel-wall skin, old house renovation, old house adornment, the partition wall, doors and Windows open, the pipe is removed, the radiator open;

Removal of the chimneys, the billboard removed and the overhead light box removed. High altitude removal is a risky construction project. In removing the construction at high altitude, it should be noted that it is a safety question. We have removed the construction at high altitude for many years, and we have won the praise of the owners with safety and efficiency. We have always insisted on removing the project from high altitude: safety first, strict management principle. The safety equipment is not in place, the high winds are not working, and the rules for the construction are safe

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