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What is the difference between proportional valves and proportional relief valves


Pilot valve opening is used at the top of the adjusting bolt clockwise budge, make spring elastic retraction, the pilot valve diaphragm dent, the forces acting on the pilot valve connecting rod, a channel valve downward displacement. After the pilot valve opens, the upstream A cavity of the steam into the steam pipe sections through the alpha channel (steam supply channel adjustment), through the pilot valve into the pilot valve steam ring cavity, and directly by the beta channel to the piston cylinder cavity. Under the continuous supply of A cavity steam, the pressure continues to rise, pushing the piston down and opening the main valve, which flows from A cavity to B. When the downstream outlet is satisfied by the load of the B lumen, the pressure increases in the B cavity. Rising pressure by gamma channel (pressure induction channel) feedback to the pilot valve of diaphragm, the pilot valve diaphragm upward bumps, overcome the upper adjust the spring pressure, pilot valve is up or shut down. Thus, the steam source from the upstream alpha channel is closed or closed. When the piston cylinder cavity pressure drop, in under the action of the reset spring, the main valve is up or shut down, then B cavity pressure began to decline, so the cycle to achieve the purpose of regulating.

秒速开户 Proportional valve is short for electro-hydraulic proportional flow control valves, electrical signals it can take instructions, continuous control hydraulic system parameters such as pressure, flow, and is proportional to the input signal to change. Proportional flow control valve control accuracy and response index of performance is not as good as electric hydraulic flow control valves, but also can undertake electro-hydraulic conversion and amplification, and simple structure, excellent versatility, cost is lower than the electro-hydraulic servo valve, preventive maintenance and also more economic, better stain resistance, and can simplify the hydraulic system of oil and reduce the number of components. Proportional valves can be divided into proportional pressure valves, proportional flow valves and proportional direction valves.

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