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EPS intermittent foam machine introduction


Intermittent pretest machine (also known as quantitative pretest or pretest pressure type machine), packing machine is mainly used with full initiative, through pretest probability density uniform scene without aggregation of EPS material supply, to satisfied the packing request finished product produce process of molding conditions. Intermittent presser is a vacuum intermitter and regular intermittent preset machine. In the same specification, it is usually larger than the one in a series, and it is also better to supply, destroy and air dry equipment.

Pretest machine feeding tube set in front of the oscillation type foam induction control device, can accurate perception foaming rising grain degree, make the pretest bead density is relatively uniform, as long as the public service + 0. 3 kg/m3, it is also a batch of pretest pretest probability differences in successive type machine. Pretest bead eduction, hair cylinder internal temperature change is very small, to remove the condensate pretest probability of attack and bead of agglomeration, thus can reduce the moisture content of the material, saves the thermodynamic. It is convenient and accurate to use this type of intermittent machine, which can be controlled from the loading, heating, discharging, and the expected air-drying process. Pretest bead increases from the bottom up, when to do must be announced by the photocell signal can discharge, accurate and adjustable, punctual when foaming pressure stability, the density is consistent, the precise selection of molding conditions is important.

For active control gradually form a complete set of equipment, machines can be ready for heating, heating to must after temperature can be very convenient access to take the initiative to pretest, if appear problem, can be active. The equipment is very precise in the number of beads each time, the temperature of the machine shows up at any time, the inlet air is uniform, and there is air blowing equipment. Other, such devices have air drying, damaging equipment and simple control. The charging equipment usually has a suction filter, the powder is not easy to get into the preset machine, it is not easy to block and block. About low foaming agent (a longer storage time), the material of bead and lighter pretest bead, can reach a better effect, it about the suitability of the decline in capital and material have advantages. Especially considering the request of environmental protection, some manufacturers have promotion now applying low foaming agent content of material (about 3, 010), in such a case using intermittent advance machine, its power is higher.

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