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  • Nmae: Vacuum automatic plate machine
  • Number: GJ-IIID
  • Time: 2017-05-25
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1 .High quality steel welding and heat treatment,high mechanical strength,can withstand high power density expansion products;
2 .Mould frame made of stainless steel ,coated with Teflon,easy stripping;
3 .The main intake of steam control valve is pneumatic valve ,good sealing and long life;
4 .Vapor transport using a combination of internal and external piping,evenly steaming,stable pressure,rapid prototyping;
5 .Using hydraulic system mold clamping,stable and reliable;
6 .Automatic feeding,convenience and high efficiency;
7 .High vacuum system and a condensing device,rapid prototyping,low moisture;
8 .Automatic computer control system,color touch一screen control,easy to operate;
9 .Weighing shelf is available to buy individually according to customer requirements.