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  • Nmae: High efficiency and energy saving automatic machine gj-cx-k series
  • Number: GJ-CX-K1
  • Time: 2017-05-25
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1.Automatic computer control system,color touchscreen control,easy to operate;
2.Foam products have low moisture content.Low energy consumption and short production cycle time.Perfect stabilization of size;
3.The device contains steam room,so it only needs to install the mould core,reducing mould costs,and getting better air tightness,forming faster,lower power consumption;
4.The frame is welded by quality steel,high strength and good stability;
5.Rack failure annealed after welding heat treatment. Using imported CNC machining center.The underlying fine uses sand一blasting,galvanizing and the overall surface painted,high corrosion resistance;
6.Using advanced multi-cylinder hydraulic clamping systems,high clamping speed and locking strength;
7.Using advanced central energy distributor, for good steam pressure balance and stability;
8.Efficient vacuum cooling system with spray nozzle,independent of the drainage system,greatly reducing vacuum time;
秒速开户 9.Pressure feed,advanced sensors to control the feeding amount and density.