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  • Nmae: Vacuum automatic forming machine gj-iid series
  • Number: GJ-IID2
  • Time: 2017-05-25
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1 .The production offoam products with low water content, dimensional stability, low power consumption;
2 .Performing fully automatic, semi-automatic, middle starting and manual operating mode;
3 .Mechanical stripping.Stripping position can be adjusted with the products of different thickness;
4 .Safety door switch, pause switch and emergency stop three security protection deices;
5 .Sing the programmable control with color touch screen control, easy to operate;
8 .Mobile template guide and bearing separation,extending the life of the guide post;
7 .Three sewage pipe technology, the fixed mold,moving mold and vacuum systems to moue independently of sewage;
8 .The main components (CPU template,touchscreen, start parts, hydraulic parts,pumps,etc.)all use international and domestic brands;
秒速开户 9 .Production control can be implemented computer management, high degree of automation,easy operation and maintenance.